Kitty got in a scrap

I’ve had a few really stressful days. When today finally came, it was such a relief that I had to share. Also, it was quite hilarious, as the attached video shows….

Look, I love my cat, but she is a jerk to anyone who isn’t in her immediate family. I found out on Friday that this includes other animals. Kitty got in a scrap with what I think was this tuxedo cat a few doors down, and got bit.

We didn’t see the real extent until Saturday, when a puncture wound reared its ugly head. I called the vet, who was super busy, and left a message (no big whoop, Kitty seemed fine, just wanted to check that I was doing what I was supposed to). Then, Puncture’s little brother made an appearance on Sunday. All the while, we’re giving first aid and keeping everything clean while it drains. 🤢

As for behavior, you’d have no idea anything was wrong with Kitty. She behaved like everything was just fine. She let us do Absolutely 👏 Anything 👏 We 👏 Needed 👏 in order to clean that wound.

Today, we had a vet appointment to make sure all is well. To prepare for it — remember that bit about being a jerk — I gave her a sedative to help with the anxiety. It worked wonderfully. The vet recommends we keep using that before any future visits.

Anyway, the vet was happy to see how much the wound had healed, so much so that we didn’t need anything other than a little topical treatment. Here I went in scared we’d need not only a shot but possibly surgery, and come to find out, we did great! HUUUGE sigh of relief here. 🤪

Kitty has been in rare form, because it seems the gabapentin hasn’t worn off yet. This is her first time on it, so I’m keeping an eye on her. So far, so good.

When I got back, I took a video of her after she came out of the crate, just to show that she was home and doing well. Then, well… watch the video.

Like I said, Kitty can be a jerk, but I sure do love her.

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