COVID times suck.

Absolutely all of us are affected by the pandemic. But, sitting in your bubble and complaining while doing nothing will solve nothing. Let’s try to pull together and support one another.

Please try to show a little LOVE to those around you. Many feel isolated, alone, and that they’re the only ones struggling in a specific way no one else is experiencing. That’s not true. Showing others a little caring can go a long way.

Please try to have a little PATIENCE. When things don’t go our way with — and this list is only an example — (1) running errands, (2) dealing with an online class, (3) work/employment situations, or (3) meal deliveries, take a deep breath and think about the struggle others around us have in trying to either do the same things or complete a task we’ve asked of them.

Please COMMUNICATE your needs. Schools, doctors, employers, family members, and friends have no idea what you need or what you’re experiencing if you don’t express those needs to them. We are all different and are all dealing with unique situations with family, friends, work, kids, pets, homes, bills… and talking it out can help immensely.

Honestly, just take a deep B-R-E-A-T-H and think about what you want your next action to be. Doing these things can help you get what you need and understand one another a little better.

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