My 2018

My 2018… wasn’t so great. I didn’t talk about it very much on social media, so apologies if this is surprising to some of you. I lost my sight, barely avoided a diagnosis of MS or brain tumor and instead was told I have atypical optic neuritis.

On top of that, kiddo was in the hospital for nearly a month. It was a very rough year. They’ve recovered and are doing absolutely wonderful. They are the absolute light of our lives.

As for me, I’m grateful for what happened. It sounds ridiculous to feel positive about something so scary, but it made my vision for myself so much clearer. I’m still not 100%. But, without the help of some amazing doctors and nutritional guidance by Christopher Kent, I very much doubt I would have had as much of a recovery as I had. This January 1 looks so different from last year, both in my nutrition, in my spiritual growth, and in my general outlook on life.

My one new year resolution is to be more present. I want to remember that every day is a gift. Every day is a brand new start. Every day is a bit of improvement in my vision, in my understanding of life, in watching my kiddo grow up, in being with my spouse, in nurturing friendships.

I will be more present.


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