Amazing Accident

We were backpacking across Ireland and were relying on buses and walking to get us where we wanted to go. We’d just left Galway and were headed to Kinvara, which we realized after boarding the bus headed west was not a usual stop for the driver. Mat and the driver agreed to keep an eye out for a particular road about an hour’s drive away, and the driver would be sure to drop us off. About an hour and a half later, Mat and I woke up abruptly, not sure where we were. After talking with the driver, he admitted he forgot about the stop and apologized but said he would be happy to take us on the way back for free. I was upset that we were going to have to go to the end of the line in order to resume our vacation.

At this point, let me say, when you’re in a foreign country and you get lost, don’t panic; you’re not really lost, you’re just about to experience something you didn’t expect.

What I didn’t expect was for the Cliffs of Moher to be at the end of the line. It was wet and rainy, but it was an amazing accident. I vowed to Mat I would try hard not to freak out at moments like that in the future.


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