New Moon Cleansing Bath Ritual

A cleansing New Moon bath, or shower, resets your energies for the coming lunar cycle and allows you to release any energies that no longer serve you.

You’ll need:

  • Salt (Epsom salt is wonderful)
  • Three sprigs of fresh rosemary
  • A lemon, cut into slices

Find a quiet time during the New Moon phase when you can relax. Cleanse your space and ingredients. Get yourself into a magickal, joyful frame of mind. Play your favorite music and light a candle or two if you feel inclined.

Run a bath.

Add your salt, rosemary, and lemon slices to the bathwater. Relax into the bath and allow yourself to feel peaceful in the fragrant water. Stay in this relaxed state for as long as you like.

When you are ready to get out of the bath, visualize the warm water easing all the worries, pressures, stresses, and negative energies from your being. Release all the things that no longer serve you into the water and allow the salt, lemon, and rosemary to cleanse and protect you energetically. Get out of the bath. Allow the tub to drain and watch all the energy that no longer serves you swirling down the drain and away from you.

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