Mabon 🌽🌾

Mabon is the modern reconstruction of the ancient Pagan festivals surrounding the Autumn Equinox. Light and dark are in equal length, but now the darkness will start to overtake the light.

This is the second harvest festival. It is a celebration of thanks for the crops that were harvested (also called “Witches’ Thanksgiving”).

Autumn leaves stir and the sunlight wanes over the emptying fields as a flurry of activity fills the orchards and pumpkin patches. Hunters spend early mornings in the forest, seeking out deer, turkey, and other woodland creatures for the smokehouse. Root cellars and larders fill with hardy fruits and vegetables as well as the efforts of summer pickling and early fall canning.

Mabon is the harvest of the fruits. It’s time to preserve what you have grown or foraged. Take stock of what you have and make plans to acquire what you need to get through the winter months. Charm your storage containers to keep your food fresh. Work money and safety magick now. It’s also the time for mending. Repair any clothes, blankets, or other household items that need it. Make rags from any clothing, sheets, or towels that can’t be repaired and use them to dust the house, especially the door and window frames, blinds, and the tops of cabinets. Sprinkle dried spearmint or peppermint in the back of cupboards and behind the stove, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, and the like for health and to repel ants and other pests. Give rugs extra attention now, taking them out and giving them a shake. Put up your summer clothes and lightweight blankets with dried sprigs of rosemary and bay leaves so that they remember the Sun while they are stored away.

Rachel Henderson

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