July 19, 2024

Ruled by: Venus

Freya’s Day

Beauty and creativity, extraordinary thinking, imagination. The ability to enjoy all the blessings in life. Friday is all about love, friendship. beauty, harmony, balance and self care.

Spells: romance, love, passion, fertility, beauty, friendship

Magickal influence: love, friendship, reconciliation, beauty

All bright shades

Celtic Tree: Holly

Jul 08 – Aug 04

regal, ambitious and natural winners


Jun 21 – Jul 22

Lughnasadh 🍞🌾πŸ”₯

Coming up: Aug 01

Fire Festival First Harvest Halfway between summer solstice and fall equinox Lughnasadh is Gaelic for the modern Irish word β€œLunasa,” meaning August. This festival is not only about life and bounty, but of harvest and death, the complete cycle of life. Lughnasadh is the third Cross Quarter Day of the calendar year. It is traditional…
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21 Jul 2024 10:17am
🌕 Meadow Moon in Capricorn

28 Jul 2024 2:51am
🌗 Third Quarter

04 Aug 2024 11:13am
🌑 New Moon in Leo

12 Aug 2024 3:18pm
🌓 First Quarter