June 19, 2024

Ruled by: Mercury

Norse God Odin’s Day

The energy of communication, contact, networking. Ease in obtaining and understanding information and intellectual pursuits. Today is all about messages, communication, reading, writing, study, travel and the arts.

Spells: communication, business, studies, writing, travel, wisdom, money, luck

Magickal influence: study, travel, divination, wisdom

Celtic Tree: Oak

Jun 10 – Jul 07

resilient and the crusaders of the underdog


May 21 – Jun 20

Lughnasadh 🍞🌾πŸ”₯

Coming up: Aug 01

Lughnasadh is the third Cross Quarter Day of the calendar year. This holiday marks the beginning of the harvest season and is a time of thanksgiving. It is traditional to hold feasts and give thanks for the bounty of the earth. Lughnasadh is also known as Lammas and is associated with the Welsh god Lugh.…
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22 Jun 2024 1:07am
🌕 Full Moon

28 Jun 2024 9:53pm
🌗 Third Quarter

05 Jul 2024 10:57pm
🌑 New Moon

13 Jul 2024 10:48pm
🌓 First Quarter