This is 47.

A few weeks ago, I leveled up.

I hardly ever wear makeup. In this photo, I’m not wearing any.

I still deal with acne. You can see a little spot just above my lip.

I don’t do my hair, unless you count adding a leave-in conditioner some level of styling. I tend to let it air-dry in the car on the way to work.

I don’t do filters in photos, unless using portrait lighting on my iPhone counts.

I don’t look old for my age, I don’t look young for my age. This is what my version of 47 looks like. It’s really not a compliment to say someone doesn’t look the age they are.

I don’t feel like a grown-up. When I was little and my parents were the grown-ups in charge, I always felt like they were so much more put together, taking on responsibilities so well, acting so mature. I can remember feeling the same way when I was in elementary school and would see high school kids as we changed buses, thinking how much those older kids seemed to have things worked out. Now that I’m the grown-up, the one in charge, the one with all the responsibilities, I feel like someone’s playing a huge joke by having me in charge. 😉

I love playing video games. We purchased a Nintendo Switch for the kid for Christmas 2019 (right, for the kid). It’s an amazing outlet for stress, relaxation, adventure, and reliving moments of my childhood. Video games are for all ages and for all reasons. Anyone who says anything negatively about video games is ill-informed.

I’m a mom. I became a mom when I was 34. In all honesty, I was a selfish 20-something and doubt I’d be as happy and well-adjusted a parent as I am now.


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