I don’t mean to toot my own horn (shout out to those of you on Mastodon who just got that, haha), but there are very few photos where I’m wearing makeup. I don’t like it, I don’t enjoy the time and effort it takes to learn about it and apply it, I don’t like the additional cost, and I don’t like the thought of covering up something about my face so that I look “better” or “acceptable” or meet some ridiculous beauty standard. And, I certainly don’t like the sexist comments I’ve had thrown my way over the years about (1) looking tired, (2) not putting in effort, (3) that I’d look prettier or more professional if I wore makeup. 🤦‍♀️

Instead, I have always put my energy and effort into picking healthy and beneficial products for washing and moisturizing my skin. Most recently, I’ve had something called hyaluronic acid recommended to me, and if you Google it right now you’ll read about how it’s (most likely) a serum that would greatly benefit older skin. But, I urge you to keep digging. Being a vegetarian/vegan-leaning person, I don’t like using animal products, and this is no exception.

I use Lush and have used them since I started mail-ordering from them way back in 1999 (there’s a store right here in Louisville now). So, I want to throw out another recommendation for them. No, I don’t get commission, this isn’t a “I get a tiny payoff if you click here” link. Their products are made from all natural vegetarian ingredients, smell amazing, and are animal cruelty free. Lush donates to important causes and are gender inclusive. Most importantly, these products work.

Take a look at their article here. It addressed a lot of beauty trends and gives healthy alternatives.


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