New Year

This year, 2023, will not be about making any major resolutions, I’m not vowing to accomplish something big, I’m not looking to prove anything to anyone.

I’m going to rest this year. I want to work on rebuilding myself, the soft parts, the vulnerable parts, the parts that have been neglected for so long because I kept telling myself I’d get to it after I finished “this” project.

I’ll finally take a look at my scars and my damaged areas, my insecurities, my fears, and I’ll give them space to breathe and to heal.

I want joy to be something easily found instead of something for which I have to work so hard.

I want to simply live this life and learn to love everything about it. 

I want to be comfortable in the not doing. 

I want to take things easy.

I want to learn to breathe.

I want to just be me.

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