Nothing of True Value is Ever Lost

All human cycles mirror the cycles of the seasons. In winter, life awaits in dormant roots and snow—covered seeds. It’s a time of stillness and potential. Spring brings an awakening of new life and new plans. It’s a time of hope and determination. Summer is about expansive growth, blossoming, and fruiting. It’s a time of joyful connection and abundance. Finally, in the aptly named fall, energy declines and retreats inward. Flowers close and shrivel, leaves die and drop, and trees stand bare.

If we perceive this phase as a loss — if we cling to material elements of what we’ve been through — it’s a time of nostalgia and grief. But, if we recognize that nothing of true value can be lost, then it’s a time of crystal clear reflection. When nothing stands in the way, we can see precisely and brilliantly the everlasting gift in the experience. Growth can’t be lost.

In anything you might seek to protect from loss — your body, your possessions, your personality, your family — the value is in your relationship with that person or thing, in the Love, the Healing, and the Connection it brings you. The absence of the physical expression of that relationship doesn’t negate the relationship or its value. The worth of these protected things is in experiencing and uniting with their essence — and coming back to yourself, more whole than ever.

Love, experience, consciousness, play, growth, and connection — these greatest treasures of our lives are un-lose-able.


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