James Webb Telescope

When those first photos came in from the Hubble telescope, I remember being absolutely floored and excited with every little bit I could find. To quote another web site, “Hubble has changed our fundamental understanding of the universe.”

Now, if you don’t know about the James Webb Space Telescope, it is Hubble’s successor. To put this in perspective, the Hubble was launched in 1990. This was before the internet was everywhere, before computers were in every home, before WiFi, before everyone had a cell phone, laptops were barely a year old, before we could take a hi-res megapixel photo from a device in our pocket….

Think about that for a second. And, imagine all that new technology that we’ve discovered in the past THIRTY-ONE years being launched into space so NASA can see further and with more clarity and detail than ever before. We’re about to see some amazing stuff.

Launch date: Friday. Check out the web site for more info.

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