Halloween: A Story

This holiday coming up is literally about masquerading about as someone or something you’re not. I went as Marty McFly 2 years ago, and someone had the audacity to say, “wow, I didn’t know you were gay,” which is just about as judgmental as someone can get around a damned holiday. I digress, it’s not the point, but I’m getting there.

Kiddo and I went to Spirit Halloween to look at stuff (mainly decorations, but costumes abound, so….). We happened upon a a mom who was telling her daughter NO to a Naruto costume. If you don’t know who Naruto is, just keep in mind this is a fictional, traditionally male, character.

Kiddo pointed it out (in whispers), so I told them we should have a conversation nearby. I, somewhat loudly, asked who this costume was. Kiddo told me in great detail who Naruto was and what he is and wears. I asked about various pieces of the costume, which included a wig, a jacket, a bandana, and some fake weapons. I compared it to me going as Marty McFly that one year. Kiddo said the costume was cool. I said, also rather loudly, that I didn’t see any reason why she couldn’t go as that character this year.


We walked away. “Damage” done. The squeeze of approval I got on my arm from kiddo cannot possibly be put into words.

Seriously, y’all, it’s a holiday, with Pagan roots, with a tradition of hiding who you are from the sprits that cross the veil at a time when it is its thinnest. Be whatever you want to be, and let your imagination run wild. It’s ok to let kids do this, too. No one is going to be damaged by dressing up as a character they like, whether the gender matches or not.


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