Reaping what you sow

The Mandalorian is owned by Disney, and they’re a huge fuss bucket churning out hits like it’s going out of style.

Having said that, they refused to renew a contract for an actress who, after being warned in writing three times, kept spouting TERFy, racist, and anti-semitic comments on social media. If one is going to compare evangelical persecution to Nazi Germany, there are going to be some repercussions.

Please, if you’re going to boycott something, boycott something worth your time. Otherwise, ya kinda look like….


Comment from a friend:

It seems like they picked an easy target to me. She was not a big name, and not the driving force of the show. It is interesting, in contrast, that Jay Z was in one of their recent releases, considering his lyrical content. Hollywood will give Roman Polanski a standing ovation, but not accept someone with a differing political opinion.

My reply:

She was becoming a very big name. My kiddo looked up to her, loved her strong presence in the show. I was becoming a fan and followed her on Twitter, which is why I was aware of her negative presence on social media.

Yes, there are assholes in Hollywood. Yes, lots of them need to go. But, instead of “but what about this other person,” why can’t we recognize the moments when mean people finally get what’s coming to them, when the big machines finally do to what they say they’ll do?


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