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All my tests so far have come back negative. The only thing the doctors can find is the inflamed optic nerve, no blood borne diseases or autoimmune issues found. Since none of those “big scary words” from before could be applied to my condition, the doctors don’t feel comfortable giving me steroids. They help speed up recovery due to “big scary words” and, with someone who doesn’t show symptoms of any of it, it could cause some unnecessary and problematic side effects.

While this is good news, it means the only thing that can be done is to let nature take its course. Partly cloudy vision in my left eye and headaches will be my reality until my body can heal a bit, which can take weeks or, more likely, months. In a way, it helps me feel more calm about things, since I haven’t noticed any improvement and that’s normal for now.

Having said that, I’m looking for ways I could maybe promote healing or better eye health. I’m already scheduling more breaks in my day, less screen time, trying out a more vegan diet, some workout time, and more sleep, but if anyone has any suggestions beyond that, feel free to post them here


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