What’s going on?

So, I have something very strange going on with my left eye. I thought I’d post it to FB in case anyone else has had anything similar.

Last Monday, I woke up with a splitting headache which I thought was a migraine (light sensitivity, nauseous, motion sickness, etc.). I thought it odd since I haven’t had one since 1999. Over the course of 3 or 4 days, the headache seemed to lessen (downgraded from migraine to headache), while pain in my left eye seemed to remain. The best way to describe this pain is if you pulled a muscle eye-rolling (LOL). However, the pain is still here and brought friends. Looking around hurts.

When you turn your head, did you know your eyes aim that direction before your head starts to turn? That hurts in a major way for me. My vision is strange in that eye now as well, which I would assume is because of the eye strain… it’s almost cloudy, or fuzzy, or snowy (like turning to a static channel on an old TV) around the edges, but none of those words properly describe it. It’s almost like the brightness in my left eye is less than my right, but again that still doesn’t describe it very well.

I saw an optometrist on Monday who took a good look at everything and concluded that I have a slight edema (strain, puffiness) due to my day job. He said my left (formerly good) eye has been compensating for my right (bad) eye and has become very tired of doing so. He gave me some drops (a steroid) to take and scheduled a follow-up appointment for Monday to get a proper eye exam and fit me for glasses. The drops don’t seem to be doing much, and the pain is still there regardless of whether I apply the drops or not (there’s no sense of the pain deadening after applying the drop).

I went to work yesterday after taking a couple days off and learned that some coworkers of mine are experiencing something similar. We’ve been dealing with construction downstairs of us for weeks, so I’m wondering if that has anything to do with it. We’ve only had lots of noise and the occasional smell of something like paint or wet cement wafting up, but nothing else that I can recall.

So, my reason for posting this is to ask, has anyone experienced anything like this? Honestly, it’s a bit scary. My Monday appointment can’t get here quick enough.


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