Storm Moon

Names: Worm Moon, Crow Moon, Sap Moon, Storm Moon

Colors: green, white, light blue

Magick: prosperity, fertility, success

Lean in to the thawing of the seasons during the Sap Moon. Aptly named for the syrup that flows from maple trees during this time, this moon asks you to give in to your sweeter side.


Let your joy and love flow into those around you. You’ll notice that what you give you’ll get in return, ten times over.

The Worn Moon signifies a time of emergence and enthusiasm. Believed to be named for the earthworms that rise to the ground’s surface and the beetle larvae that appear on tree bark, this is a Moon of revelation and nourishment. At last, the snow and its limitations have melted away. Birds in some regions begin returning to their northern nesting areas, ready to nab some of those tasty worms for themselves and their new babies. This is a time to self-examine: What activities do you find therapeutic or soul-feeding? What steps of self-discovery have you taken to satisfy those needs? Where are you recognizing discomfort with having certain needs?

Allow the hidden parts of yourself to surface as you introspect. See what’s been lying within as you listen to those deep emotions. You might discover that you spend too much time in activities that feed others but that do not feed you. What relationships and activities need to change so that you can feel fulfilled?

Diana Rajchel