Quickening Moon

Names: Snow Moon, Hunger Moon, Quickening Moon

Colors: blue, white, black

Magick: purification, empowerment

The Snow Moon requires rest and presence of mind, allowing you to take time to recharge and reinvigorate your state of being. Remind yourself of the integral breaks in the universe and of the cleansing powers of snow and winter.


Sit back and embrace the calm and quiet that come with this season. You’ll feel refreshed and reborn, with deeper insight and gratitude for the world around you.

The second Full Moon, called the Snow Moon in North American folklore, is named for the heavy snows that fall in some areas of the Northern Hemisphere at this time of year, this Moon signifies hunger and difficulty. The Moon this year falling on a solar day suggests a time of recognizing challenges and unobtainable desires. Focus on something you yearn for: What do you want that you must either struggle to obtain or wait for? What stays out of your reach? Acknowledge the frustration beneath the yearning. Listen to it: What does it have to say to you? If it’s telling you to give up or try another way, does that make sense to you? If it doesn’t, talk back to the frustration, be sure you understand each other, and agree on what you must do to move beyond this feeling and toward your goal. If you simply cannot reach what you want, how can you grieve that and release it?

Diana Rajchel