Love & Sweetness Candle dressing

Not all candle dresings have to include oil. There are many other creative and meaningful ways to make your herbs stick to your candle, like in this recipe. Instead of using oil, the candle will be coated with maple syrup. As a sugary liquid, maple syrup is associated with sweetness and attraction. If you find it too sticky, try mixing it with a few drops of water to dilute it.

For anointing, you will need ½ tsp. maple syrup. For dry ingredients, use ½ tsp. white sugar, ½ tsp. crushed dried rose petals, and 1 pinch orris root powder.

This dressing can be used on any candles that are burned during love spells, including those surrounding the place where you do your magical working. If you’re doing a spell for attraction using two candles (for ex-ample, two candles shaped like human beings bound together), the stickiness of the maple syrup serves to fuse the couple together even further. If you don’t like maple syrup, you can use honey, sugar water, or even a really sweet beverage.

Kate Freuler


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